Puppy Application

I have had steady inquiries about whether we have puppies available, when the next litter will arrive, and details on the process of becoming a family for one of our sweet pups daily – so I decided to upload our puppy application for the interested families!

I have given up on keeping a waiting list just based off a name, phone number, and someone saying they are interested in being on the waiting list. When the time came to get in touch, there were so many names on the list and many of the families were either not ready for a puppy quite yet, had already gotten a pup elsewhere or wanted to wait for a specific colour or gender that we did not currently have.

Therefore, I decided to notify only the families who sent their puppy application and processing fee to me when a new litter arrived.

The puppy application and processing fee also help to make sure that each pup is going to a home that is 100% ready for the care, attention, and responsibility they require.

Please read all the FAQ’s and make sure all decision-makers in your family are onboard with adding a puppy to your family and the costs associated before sending a puppy application. This is very important.

If you are looking to add a Mini Schnauzer puppy to your family within the next 8-12 months, feel free to download our puppy application and send it back to me once you’ve had a chance to fill it out and ask any additional questions you may have.

I typically give a heads-up to the first few families on my list when the puppies are due soon or have just arrived (but are too young to pester for pictures) and then get in touch again once I know which puppies are still available in order of the families on the waiting list.

*Please note: if I have contacted you with an available puppy and do not hear back within a reasonable amount of time, you application will be moved down the list and the next family will be contacted (I usually expect a reasonable amount of time to be within a week or so, although most families get back to me the same day or within a couple days).

*If I have tried contacting you for two different litters and have had no response, your application will be removed from the list and you will have to re-apply if still interested in a puppy from us.

(I try to be understanding if there are special circumstances outside your control, however I still expect a response in most cases)

***Your application will not be processed until the processing fee has been received.***

Please note:  email to ellie@serenityphotographyltd.com

Here are a few FAQ’s ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Are they purebred? ➡️ Yes, they are!


Do they come with shots? ➡️ You bet! They’ll have their first set of shots, dewormer, and vet check.

When will they be ready to come home? ➡️ They will be ready to come home when they are 8 weeks old.

How big will they get? ➡️ Their parents are around 18-22 pounds and 10-12 inches at the shoulder.

How much do they cost? ➡️ They are $1,800 plus a non-refundable processing fee of $100 at time of application.

✅When do I pay the processing fee? ➡️ You must pay the $100 processing fee at the time of submitting your puppy application. This ensures the families I invest my time in are serious applicants and are 100% committed to the responsibility of a puppy (NOTE: this does not go toward the total cost of the puppy and is non-refundable).

✅When do I pay the $500 deposit? ➡️ I do not accept any deposits until the litter has arrived, a puppy application has been filled out and approved, and a puppy has been chosen. (NOTE: this fee is non-refundable).

What kind of puppy food are they eating? ➡️ They will be on Purina Puppy Chow. I send a small bag of puppy food home with them in case you decide to transition them over to something different.

✅Do you ship? ➡️ At this point, I do not.

Do you have more questions? Shoot me a message or give me a call!


Puppy Application Processing Fee

The $100 processing fee helps ensure the families applying for a puppy are serious applicants and covers the time and cost for processing their application. It can be paid by PayPal or by etransfer to elliemayrie@gmail.com This is a non-refundable fee when applying and is in addition to the cost of $1,800 per puppy.



Puppy Application



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