Your Pet Emergency Kit – What to Pack?

When emergency hits unexpectedly, we all want to be as prepared as possible. You may have your flashlights, water, and generators ready, but do you have a pet emergency kit put together?

If your answer is “no” then there is no time like the present to get one put together!

So what should you have in your pet emergency kit?


Pet Emergency Kit



#1 – Food

You’ll want 3-7 days of dog food in a water proof container or canned dog food. Obviously keeping consistent with the kind of dog food they are used to will be important so they do not end up with an upset tummy switching to something new during an already stressful time.

#2 – Water

Clean, sealed drinking water for 3-7 days. Water is easily one of the most important parts of an emergency kit! During fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. you may not have access to clean drinking water – and we all know drinking contaminated water can make your pup sick fast!


#3 – Food and water dishes

Once you’ve packed the food and water, don’t forget that you’ll need a dish to give it to your pup.


#4- First aid kit

A first aid kit is essential during emergencies; you need to be prepared for the unfortunate event that your pet is injured.  

#5 – Medications

Keep any medications your pup needs with written instructions. Don’t forget to keep current with any expiration dates by checking and restocking your emergency kit as needed.


#6 – Vet records

Have your dog’s vet records handy with proof of vaccinations and your vet’s contact information. If they get separated from you or have to be rescued while you are not home during a natural disaster, this will be valuable information for their caregivers.


#7 – Collar and leash

If you want to go a step beyond a collar and leash, you can go with an LED lighted harness to keep your pup visible and safe at night.

#8 – Favourite toy and blanket

Having a little piece of home during an emergency can go a long way to keep your dog calm and relaxed.


#9 – Kennel or crate

If your dogs are anything like mine, their crate is their safe place. If they are scared (or know they’re in trouble), right to the crate they go! Not only does this give you a way to transport them, but it will make them feel safe while on the move.


What else do you keep in your pet emergency kit?

I would love to hear from you! Are there items that should be on this list?

Don’t forget to check your emergency kit twice a year to make sure everything is stocked and expiration dates are current! You can do this at the same time you change the batteries in your smoke detectors if that helps you remember when to restock your kit.


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